Possessive adjectives To express who something belongs to (my, your, our), use a possessive adjective.

Possessive adjectives french exercises with answers pdf

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In French, possessive adjectives (my, your, his, her, our, their) agree with the noun they describe, NOT with the person it belongs to. " 3. A variety of exercises will reinforce your ability to manipulate the French language. In English, the possessive adjective only needs to be used once.

There are 30 fill in the blank sentences that you can print on the front and back of one sheet of paper.


Mon, ton and son are used instead of ma, ta and sa before a feminine word starting with a vowel or.

Possessive adjectives To express who something belongs to (my, your, our), use a possessive adjective.


Possessive pronouns are pronouns used to express ownership.

If you were talking to me, which of these would you use to ask about my suitcase (2nd person singular, familiar) Ta valise. Test yourself on French possessive adjectives by filling in the blanks with the correct. Index of contents. When you need to express that a noun belongs to another person or thing, you use possessive adjectives.

. . They must agree in number and gender with the nouns they describe.

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Possessive adjectives quiz.

This PowerPoint, Les adjectifs. Did you find your pen.

1 Harry is friend. In French, the possessive adjective agrees with the gender of the thing owned, not the owner.


. Like all French adjectives, these agree with the noun they refer to.

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Les adjectifs possessifs.

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Possessives. his 7. The singular demonstrative adjectives are ce, cette, and cet.