If clause type 1 multiple choice exercises pdf

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. . Main content Conditionals. Exercise 1.

If Conditionals Exercise 3.

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Murphys Law for Storm Chasers (Conditional 1.

by LauCa.

23 If clauses exercises.

If vs Unless Exercise 2 5. . (HURRY, GET) 2. Ifyou want anything.

8271 uses. 3. I won&39;t go to the doctor unless the pain increases.

Mixed Conditional Exercise PDF Exercises 1.
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Gradelevel Intermediate.

Conditional sentences exercises 2. (BELIEVE, TELL).

If you don&39;t go to bed early , you will be very tired and sleepy at school. .


. by LauCa.

Printable and online If conditional type 1 (first conditional) grammar exercise 2 with answers-- Check your answers at the bottom of the worksheet.


245 uses. Mark would have phoned me if he hadn&39;t lost my cell number. . Version 1 and Version 2) Level Elementary to Pre-Intermediate.

A. IF-Clauses (B1) IF012 - IF Clauses - Type 3. The action in the main part can only happen if a certain condition is taking place. the lights more often.

Mark would have phoned me if he hadn&39;t lost my cell number.

. If Peter you, he your heart yesterday. .