Assamese weaving instruments

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. . The principal old time industries in the State were weaving in country looms, pottery, black smithy, bell metal and brass-metal works,. Web That Has No Weaver Kaptchuk.


Sualkuchi is the most concentrated centre of commercial handloom production in the state.


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The principle part of the loom consists of warp beam and fabric beam.

. The Ahomiya kings introduced weaving here by bringing in. A Bodo house is seldom distinguishable from the Assamese houses. Cane and bamboo craft provides the most commonly used utilities in daily life, ranging from household utilities, weaving accessories, fishing accessories, furniture, musical instruments to building construction materials.

. Musical instruments form the core of Assamese folk festival, Bihu locally known as Rongali or Bohag, Kati or Kongali and Boghali or Magh Bihu, celebrated at different times of the year to mark the different seasons. In Assam, the Bodos were decidedly the pioneers in this respect.

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. The traditional crafts like pottery and terracotta work, brass craft, jewellery making, musical instruments making, cane and bamboo craft, silk and cotton weaving, and Woodcraft are a major source of employment for.

It is said that India has received the technique of weaving.

. Grown in abundance here and hence most of the household articles in the homes of Assamese are made of cane and bamboo.


Assamese Love Story.

Just as the bamboo craft was once a male domain in Assam, textiles were exclusively a female occupation.

Size The gamosa is typically square in shape, with dimensions ranging from 2 to 4 feet in length and width. Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Weaving Machine. A Bodo house is seldom distinguishable from the Assamese houses. The Gamocha is also worn as a waist cloth with shirts.

. Sualkuchi town in Assam is located on the banks of the Bramhaputra, about 35 km from the state capital Guwahati. Rayon (also called artificial silk) is also used as raw materials for commercial weaving units at Sualkuchl, Palasbari and Hajo. The state is known for the production of silk material, tussar and other fabrics.

The weavers belong to a non-profit collective called Tezpur District Mahila Samiti (TDMS), which was founded a century ago by women activists and Gandhian freedom fighters of Assam.

com. Few of the important instruments used extensively during Bihu and otherwise in Assam are, Pepa predominantly made of buffalo horn, bamboo and brass metal flute played by the men. The most prominent and popular dance form of Assam is undoubtedly the Bihu dance.